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California Digital Library
by Tschirky, Oscar, 1866-1950
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Topics: Cookery, cbk
I-III. The London street-folk; comprising, Street sellers. Street buyers. Street finders. Street performers. Street artizans. Street labourers.--[Extra volume] Those that will not work. Comprising, Prostitutes. Thieves. Swindlers. Beggars. By several contributors. With introductory essay on the agencies at present in operation in the metropolis for the suppression of vice and crime. By the Rev. William Tuckniss..
Topics: Labor and laboring classes -- England London, Crime and criminals -- England London, Prostitution...
Feature Films
by George A. Hirliman
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Considered THE archetypal sensationalized anti-drug movie, but it's really an exploitation film made to capitalize on the hot taboo subject of marijuana use. Like many exploitation films of the time, "Reefer Madness" tried to make a quick buck off of a forbidden subject while skirting the Motion Picture Production Code of 1930. The Code forbade the portrayal of immoral acts like drug use. ( The illegal drug traffic must not be portrayed in such a way as to stimulate curiosity...
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Topics: exploitation, cult, pdmovies
The LibriVox Free Audiobook Collection
by Daniel Defoe
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A LibriVox recording of A Journal of the Plague Year , by Daniel Defoe. Read by Denny Sayers. April 15th 2013: missing sections of this book have been recorded, and the whole book recatalogued. Daniel Defoe's 'A Journal of the Plague Year' (1722) is a fictionalized account of the bubonic plague epidemic that struck London in 1665 which Defoe witnessed as a five-year old, the year before the Great Fire of London. This work is among the first English novels. Like 'Robinson Crusoe', 'Moll...
Topics: librivox, literature, historical, london, 1665
Source: Librivox recording of a public-domain text